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  • Advaith Nair

EChO Fundraiser

My friend David and I planned a fundraiser for a nonprofit called EChO, which stands for Education for Chinese Orphans. We've currently designed our flyer which we plan to print out in massive quantities. I personally developed three marketing strategies that David and I could use to spread awareness of the issue and effectively receive donations. The first strategy was the GoFundMe. We had an online link so if anyone was either not local or preferred card-based payment, they would be able to donate with ease. The second strategy was the poster strategy. We would hang up our brochures in the library with a donation box below. We still have to talk with our local library to see if they would allow for this. The final strategy was the door-to-door strategy. This one would be the hardest to complete, but it would be extremely effective. We estimate to receive around $50 through this process so we can reach our goal. Below are the images of the brochures.

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