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Our Story

"A New Flow Of Receipts On The Cloud To Go"

All it took was two entrepreneurs and one competition. NeoFlow was initially an idea that I created from realizing the dire need to remove paper receipts. The shift to digital receipts wouldn't be easy but we're here to solve it. We're here to revolutionize the new wave of digitalized receipts. Instead of having your wallets stuffed with old receipts, it will be conveniently stored in the cloud where you can access it on your phone.

It's a new flow of receipts on the cloud to go.


Where it all began

Starting off as an idea that stemmed from my imagination, the concept of digital receipts was a dream since October of 2017. My partner Sreetej and I worked together to create a sustainable business plan that we submitted into Independent Business Plan for the DECA State Competition to see how the idea will do. Being awarded 1st place, we headed out to the DECA ICDC, giving our pitches to two pitches of judges - one during preliminary rounds and one during the final rounds. After those two pitches, DECA had determined that NeoFlow Payment Solutions will be crowned the 6th best Business Idea in the World.

What We Do

The purpose of NeoFlow Payment Solutions is to provide a platform to streamline and simplify the way receipts are dealt with for the modern era. Paper receipts cause a plethora of issues from creating toxic paper to causing disorganization, but existing digital receipt solutions are not seamlessly integrated with the business and the consumer. NeoFlow steps in to provide a new flow in which receipts are used. Using the Azure cloud system NeoFlow allows the consumer to view payment information of a purchase to be accessible at all time in chronological order, and track expenses. The business can use purchase information stored on the cloud to target specific items towards specific consumers, simplifying the complicated world of retail.

As of now, I have worked on the marketing plan for NeoFlow, and have also worked on building the mobile application for the Consumer Application that NeoFlow offers. I also do all the graphics for NeoFlow, ranging from the logo all the way to the concept art for the app. To see updates on the progress of the app, feel free to check out the section below.


NeoFlow Gallery

Featured Showcase

The top row displays concept renders of NeoFlow's app. The bottom row displays the current progress towards the app.

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