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My FIRST Experience

Since 2009

FIRST Robotics is an integral part of my life. It's one of my favorite passions I've ever had and it's really helped me develop as a person. I started off as an 8 year-old on team Lego Sonics, a Junior FIRST Lego League (JFLL or FLL Jr.) team. Now I'm here finishing my last ever year of competing on a FIRST Team - as the captain of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team 12599 Overcharged.

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My Experience

Through the FIRST Program

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Lego Sonics

January 2009 - January 2010

This is where it all began. I was on a team with three other close friends of mine. We were really interested in building Legos with each other, so our parents signed us up for JFLL (now called FLL Jr.). During this time, we build models that represented the problems of Climate Change and we had to create innovative solutions to this, ours including a green SUV. During our second year, we actually became famous, and I became known as the "JFLL Poster Kid", as our team's photo was on the national JFLL Poster. Even to this day, I see that poster at Worlds every year. Due to the fact that Oregon does not advance teams to Worlds in JFLL, we disbanded after our second year. After we finished, I worked on FLL projects at home, which included creating a gesture-controlled and mind-controlled robot.


Hot Wired Robotics

March 2013 - April 2017

I reintroduced myself to the FIRST Competition spirit through FTC team 7013 Hot Wired. As one of the earlier members to join, I was heavily interested in building. During our first year in 2014, we managed to win the Winning Alliance Captain Award, which is awarded for alliance strategy and robot performance, at Worlds, giving us our first world champion title. Our second title was earned in 2016, where we won the Inspire Award, which is awarded to the team that represents every FTC Award to the utmost level - it's the most prestigious award. We wrapped up our season by making it to Minute Maid Park in Houston, as a part of our last ever year as Hot Wired.



March 2017 - August 2019

The story doesn't end there. After Hot Wired, I heard news of us creating two new legacy teams. I was interested in this opportunity, as now I'll be able to lead the next generation, but avoid the flaws of the Hot Wired system - it was my last shot. After the first meeting, I knew that I had to end up being the captain of the team, but our coach had already selected two other members from Hot Wired to be co-captains of the team. I decided to persevere and demonstrate leadership for a span of over six months, after which I was finally nominated as the sole captain of this team, which I named Overcharged. With this nomination, I made major changes to our system, including adding an interdisciplinary system and giving everyone a desirable role. After August 2019, I let go of my grasp of leadership after the transition and currently mentor Overcharged and help other teams.

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