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  • Advaith Nair


For my last SCDC, I went all out on my Business Plan (EIB). I created an idea for a business called River, which is a communication-centered productivity management software. It was intended to have integrative cloud storage and business tool functionality while also having other smart features, mainly the unique machine learning implementation to help redirect conversations to appropriate streams of thought.

Although I focused so much on River, I still did well in my other events! I got 1st place in EIB, 1st in Financial Services Team Decision Making (FTDM), and 7th in Marketing Communications Series (MCS), granted I didn't prepare for the two aside from EIB. My partner, Sreetej, and I plan to take River to ICDC and compete in EIB again, hopefully breaking our record last year of 6th Place at ICDC.

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