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My Story

I’m Advaith, and I’m a student at Lehigh University studying Computer Science and Business (CSB). For the past year,  I've been working on my web development skills, and can now make full stack web apps in days.

For a good portion of my time in high school, I’ve participated in various endeavors in both technical and business worlds, including FIRST Tech Challenge (Robotics Competition), DECA (Business Competition). I also continue to be a part of Spark Tech Education Robotics and mentor my old robotics team, Overcharged, to success in the World Championship Stage.




Outside of my technical activities, I'd like to consider myself a rather creative person. I'm well versed in a variety of arts, including graphic creations, filmmaking, theatre, as well as general design. Art really helps me relax. I can just tune out from the world for a bit and just speak my mind on whatever canvas I have in front of me. I plan on experimenting with other art styles down the road and displaying it somewhere. That should be coming soon.


2019 - Present

I'm a student at Lehigh's Computer Science and Business (CSB) program (May 2022). I plan on specializing in Web Development, Cloud, and Machine Learning.

2015 - 2019

I'm a senior at Westview High School. At Westview, I have participated in several after-school clubs including Speech and Debate, DECA, Science Club, and more.

2012 - 2015

I am a TAG student and was part of the Beaverton School District SUMMA program. While at Stoller, I competed at the NWSE Science Expo, getting nominated for Broadcom Masters.

2007 - 2012

I had excellent teachers to guide me through the course of my elementary school. Jacob Wismer helped me gain the foundation I needed to get ready for accelerated activities, including FTC and DECA.

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