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  • Advaith Nair

2019 FTC State Championships

After 5 years of missing the title of Oregon State Champions, I'm proud to say that I finally did it! Forming an alliance with our sister team 12808 RevAmped Robotics and 8949 The Gifted Gears, Overcharged played captain role in every single elims match sporting our smart and defensive far. This gave us the biggest competitive advantage as the most valuable team in the entire state due to our high scoring far and our reasonably scoring near, a strategy I had implemented since the first week of this season. It paid off, as we didn't lose a single match in elims!

After winning the matches, we went to the awards ceremony. Here, I handed off the Dean's List Finalist Award to the 2019 Finalists, as one of the four 2018 Finalists. I also gave advice, which in summary, was to stick to your innovative passion no matter what, as that grants success in the future. I know. Philosopher Advaith took over that day :)

As for the actual awards, we got 3rd Place Connect, 2nd Place Think, and 3rd Place Inspire, which we did not expect at all, granted that we finished our notebook the night before!

Overall, this was the best State tournament I've ever had, and I'm glad to be leaving Oregon State on a triumphant note.

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