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Entrepreneurship, Management, Branding, Strategy, Finance, Marketing

After competing with it in the DECA competition and getting recognition on the International Stage, my business partner and I created a business entity for our innovative business idea, NeoFlow. I manage many components of the company, especially those regarding branding and marketing strategies. I've also been involved in the development of our unique financial structure. It's really a new flow of reciepts on the cloud to go.


Neodyne Business Initiative

Entrepreneurship, Management, Branding, Strategy, Marketing

The ever-growing interdisciplinary field of STEAM and business, I've found an idea accelerator to be a well-needed but lacking segment in the market. Thus in response, I co-founded Neodyne Business Initiative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has helped over 13 clients with both technology and business needs over the span of 4 years. I've contributed to both the technological and business sectors, as one of the most insightful advisors Neodyne has.


Entrepreneurship, Management, Branding, Strategy, Finance, Marketing

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As the Captain of FIRST Tech Challenge Team 12599 Overcharged, I have taken on many entrepreneurial ventures as well as a management position of over 15 kids. The process in which I've undertaken in Overcharged's robot building process is very analogous to the product management cycle. I've also taken initiative to improve branding sectors and the financial structure of the team, by implementing a smart spending strategy with an 8% spillover pool implemented. Throughout this entire process, I've hosted over 50 events and raised well over $15,000 for various outreach purposes and for the team as well.


Management, Branding, Strategy, Marketing

Education for Chinese Orphans (EChO) is a non-profit organization focused on giving Chinese Orphans, especially with disabilities, the education and support they need. Partnered with Love Without Boundaries, EChO hires staff and builds schools in China, directly helping the orphans, giving them the support they lack. With EChO, I was the Marketing Manager for an EChO Fundraiser that I initiated in conjunction with President Tadjiki. As a result, the fundraiser collected $750 and 8 tubs of Legos for the EChO Students. I may work with Love Without Boundaries for further engaging STEAM Education in Cambodia, an initiative I have been planning for over a year.

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