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  • Advaith Nair

2019 FTC League Championships

After we've hosted the Cedar Mill League, we decided to compete in the League Championships. With the highest OPR (Scoring Potential) in out league and the second highest in the State, we played really effectively on both the near and far positions during preliminary matches. We had a 20 mineral near and a 10 mineral far. Ranked second based of QP, we initiated our strategy with Bytes of KitKats for them to pick us, which I've been planning since back in November. We played every match in elims, and played a 1v2 in the very final match, winning by a slim margin of 2 points! We plan on playing with this robot at Super Quals, but change it up a bit for State by adding a filter. We should increase our performance by a bit, but I'm ready to see what's coming up next.

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