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  • Advaith Nair

Overcharged Six Wheel Drive

I started by planning out several renditions of the six wheel drive we plan to make in the summer. We're switching to Actobotics, so the chassis will have to be adaptable to Actos. I plan to use the large square pattern to screw everything in properly. I brainstormed five successful ideas for our chain wrap, but settled with a four-piece rendition, with two going from the motor to the wheel, and the other two attaching between wheels. The milling will be a bit rough because we have one huge block that we're using to fit everything, so one little mistake will cost a lot of resources and time. We have to use a bunch of Nylocks to fit everything, but the construction looks really solid. We have a 4 mm drop, which is rather rocky but better than the 2 mm drop our sister team tried out. The drive maximizes width so we can turn around the center more accurately. The output ratio is 30:1, using a NeveRest 20 Orbital with a 1.5:1 torque ratio for us to maximize speed and pushing power. Finally, the length of the base is 17 inches, so we can accommodate for extending intakes.

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