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EChO Recommendation Letter - President Robert Tadjiki

September 26, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for Advaith Nair. I have had the pleasure of knowing Advaith for the last four months since I was at a Youth Leadership Conference in Portland. I was presenting on the non-profit that my wife and I founded ten years ago - Education for Chinese Orphans. Advaith was immediately moved by the emotion of being able to help special needs orphans in China. Within just a few months he has put together a dynamic flyer and has dedicated chunks of his summer to help fundraise for our school in China.

Education for Chinese Orphans is an organization that is dedicated to helping out special needs orphans in China. We are helping to change the culture of special needs orphans in China. We desire to establish a culture of hope.

Advaith has taken this calling to be involved with helping in our mission. He has asked great questions and is very independent when he is given a task. He has helped to raise over $750 during these few months and I am continued to be amazed at his maturity and drive. I am a high school special education teacher and I have been around many teenage kids over my 20 years of teaching. Seeing the drive that he has plus being partnered with compassion in a young man is inspiring. In today’s me society it is so refreshing to see this type of loving kindness directed to others in our world.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in person to hear more about Advaith’s attributes and selflessness.


Robert Tadjiki


Education for Chinese Orphans

Bend High School Life Skills Teacher

2007 – 2008 USA Today All USA Teacher Team

541-610-6967 (cell)

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