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Neodyne's Business Services 



Neodyne's marketing curriculum covers the basics of marketing including product, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Students are taught a variety of marketing strategies and receive advice on selecting the best one for their particular startup. Additionally, Neodyne introduces use of the product life cycle to gauge the success of a product line. The majority of our current projects cover pricing and promotion, as most of our clients are planning on exploring the business world through advertisement. Marketing is the most popular segment in Neodyne.


Neodyne utilizes finance to allow clients to learn appropriate investment tactics for the stock market. We help their startup look from an investor’s perspective while also providing them with real finance experience. We go over how to deal with product pricing, buying, and selling with regards to financial concerns. Allocation of resources is an area where we assist startups with. One big topic we teach is double-entry booking keeping skills, which allows startups to function as a business in today's world.M Moreover, for start-ups, Neodyne provides capital budgeting and financial strategies. 


Entrepreneurship curriculum provides a comprehensive introduction to ideation, iteration, and innovation. We go through different ideas for your startups, go through several trials to test out the product, adn differentiate that idea to make it one of a kind. Neodyne is the home to many entrepreneurs, and we hope you will join us.



We are known for the success of our business clients, however, we also have a stellar STEAM department, with programming being the highlight. Most modern startups nowadays are tech-based. The programming department would be useful, as many entrepreneurs will have to look to purchasing services of another programmer to successfully create a startup. Others will have to try it themselves. Regardless of the situation of your business, Advaith is ready to help your business program in many programming languages, including C#, C++, Python, and Java. He's also knowledgeable in cross-platform mobile app development. There are many more languages to come in the near future.


The "A" in STEAM stands for Art. Neodyne will be teaching artistic design, which ranged from CAD to Graphic Design to even Web Design. In regards to CAD, we will be teaching off the PTC Creo 3.0 software. Graphic Design will use Adobe Illustrator and GIMP. For Web Design, we can give pointers to artistic design for drag and drop website makers and can help you code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Overall, Neodyne is a big advocate for putting the "A" in STEAM, which is represented through the design curriculum.


Neodyne excels in robotic technologies. Any robotics based problems, most likely for business products, will be covered in Neodyne's curriculum. Alongside the rest of STEAM, robotics will include programming of several components to make the ultimate product. Furthermore, if you are not a business, but rather a FIRST Robotics Team, we will help you. Any FIRST related competition will be eligible to Neodyne's services.

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