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  • Advaith Nair

Managing the Overcharged FTC Robotics Forum

I find it fun to manage events in general, but this one was a lot more fun. I had to find a way to integrate marketing, finance, and team relations to organize this forum. I helped develop the idea of the forum with a bit of help from my coach: he envisioned a place where we could bring together teams and community, but didn't know exactly how to execute it - and that's where I came in.

I thought it would be the best if we could bring together experienced teams to create presentations of their choice to other experienced teams and the community. We had to find a way to market our forum to the teams as well as the community. I led both Overcharged and RevAmped (FTC Teams) to brainstorm marketing methods, which I informed them about. I sent out an email to the teams, engaging their interest in presenting at the Forum. We created flyers that we would distribute to the community.

My email managed to get four other teams to present in total. Our audience sizes spanned up to 60, when we were expecting around 40, which is a good result. As for the financials, we had a budget of $50, as that's how much Spark Tech was able to give us for the Forum. We spent around $40 on snacks, water, and video adapters for the projector. Fortunately due to the status of employment of one of the Overcharged member's parents, we were able to get the OHSU Auditorium for free, which was a huge savings for our budget.

This was by far one of the best outreaches I have organized. I've learned a lot in terms of marketing and financials as well as team cooperation.

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