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  • Advaith Nair

2018 FTC World Championships

This World Championship was far different from all the others that I've competed in. Instead of monitoring the pits, I was always out and about, either on the field, with the scouts, or talking strategy with other alliance partners.

During Prelims, we hit a 7-2 record, one of the losses caused by a falsified penalty. Regardless of this pitfall, we still ranked 3rd due to our extremely high RP. On top of that, our friends from Super Quals, Mechanical Maniacs, were 1st place!

When it came to alliance selection, I invited teams Black Diamond and The Innov8rz to join our alliance. Playing the 2nd seeded alliance, we won two of our three matches, meaning that we'd face our Oregonian friends in the next few matches. Although we won our first match against their alliance with a personal new high score of 653 points, we lost the next two matches, with our last ever match in the Relic Recovery Season being decided by one of our controllers failing.

Regardless of whether or not we would have made Minute Maid, making it to the Franklin Finals and playing against the formidable future champion teams Mechanical Maniacs, RedNek Robotics Wun, and TechNova was in and of itself an honor.

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