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FTC: Relic Recovery Scouting App

October 21, 2017

I released my scouting app which is designed for 2017-2018 FIRST Tech Challenge Relic Recovery teams. This app takes the fundamentals of scouting and simplifies it into a modular UI. This app also offers an in-depth analysis for alliance selection.

The previous version of FTC Relic Recovery Scouting was established in the 2016-2017, modeled after the Velocity Vortex Scouting app and used by team 7013 Hot Wired. After rigorous testing and lots of field use, the FTC Relic Recovery Scouting app was created, with simplicity in mind.

You can add the matches and teams natively in the app, however, you can also add the match list and teams list using CSV text files in "Documents/OverchargedFiles" folder in the device's hard drive. Teams will be imported from the Teams.txt file, and matches will be imported from Matches.txt file (Once you click the Import button on the app). These two are essential to creating the optimal experience with Relic Recovery Scouting.

In order to edit a match, go back to the main menu, click the desired match button. From there, the respective team number will be on the top left of each box. The 4x3 grid in each box is the Cryptobox. Click a grid element (glyph) once for partner one, twice for partner two, and thrice to void that glyph. The checkboxes and radio buttons indicate different scoring options for Autonomous and End Game.

For the analysis, go to the main menu and press the Analyze button at the top right. You will be prompted with a massive grid, with buttons at the bottom. Use the bottom navigation bar to sort the column by a specific parameter. Click on each team in the leftmost column to view individual scores. 

Suggested Device: 7-inch Tablet

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