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We revolutionized receipts. Often known as tedious sheets of paper, receipts were always thought of as unnecessary. Most people disregarded them, until now. NeoFlow integrates cloud computing as well as a consumer app to change the way we think about receipts.


NeoFlow encourages businesses, especially those that are small, to use and take advantage of our system. We provide a simple, modern, streamlined connection between the cloud, accessible by businesses, and the purchasing system. The system we provide allows for a seamless connection for the business customers' ease. The businesses, will be able to store payment data on the cloud, and the consumers will be able to access and manage that information via the consumer app.





Consumer Application

Cloud Analytics Platform

NeoFlow's main service is the Consumer Application. The Consumer Application is where all the data for the receipts are viewed. Currently a work in progress, the NeoFlow app plans to cater to both iOS and Android platforms. We've custom-made the app to meet the needs of the rising digital age, with sorting options for your receipts, a modern user interface, and top notch customer service.

The second service that NeoFlow provides is the Cloud Analytics Platform. This analytics application is intended towards businesses that subscribe to the NeoFlow package. Although it's still under development, CAP  has the job of providing different layers of analysis, ranging from reporting news all the way to deploying machine learning algorithms to predict sales trends.


"A New Flow Of Receipts On The Cloud to Go"





With a spark of a realization in October of 2017, NeoFlow Payment Solutions was born - a method to eliminate the toxic waste that receipts carry while maximizing convenience for the consumer. As we like to say, it's "a new flow of recepits on the cloud to go".


What started off as an idea for a reputable business competition named DECA, NeoFlow has taken a long journey all the way through printing the business plan at 2:00 AM before the due date all the way to being called upon the international stage for Independent Business Plan (EIB).


After the victory at ICDC, Co-Founders Advaith Nair and Sreetej Kalapatapu saw a real future in NeoFlow. We're currently in production of the Consumer Application and are talking to local businesses and large companies like Nike regarding our plan.


And that's the story of NeoFlow.

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