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For decades, the only way for a consumer to be able to access their receipts has been through toxic BPA coated slips of thermal paper. Even now in this age of constant digitization, there has not yet been a simple and streamlined platform for users to access their receipts on the phone which resides in their bag or pocket. For this NeoFlow developed the NeoFlow App in order to provide additional utility for the users than ever before possible. This is a revolution not only in the FinTech industry but for all who have integrated technology as a key part of their life.


Coded using Xamarin in Microsoft Visual Studios, the NeoFlow Payment Solutions App allows receipts to be organized chronologically, by a company, by an amount. Moreover, the app allows users to keep track of their expenses by allowing users to set spending limits for certain periods of times.


Furthermore, the app takes a consumer's desire for organization further by allowing them to help the planet which they cherish by simply using the app. Enter EcoFlow, an extension to the NeoFlow App. The EcoFlow App tracks the number of receipts saved by using the NeoFlow app and keeps an account in a clean design, however it extends beyond simply helping the customer, but the world. EcoFlow partners with local environmental agencies to plant a set of trees in areas which have negatively affected due to technological advancement. NeoFlow truly hopes to be the best organization for the consumer, any business, and the world. That all starts with the NeoFlow Consumer Application.

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