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In order to be able to promote equity, and allow for universal access, NeoFlow utilizes the Microsoft Azure Cloud to store data in a centralized platform. NeoFlow is able to provide a simple manner in which businesses are able to store and analyze their payment data. So far, we've been able to connect with our database server on Azure, which allows us to efficiently integrate the Consumer Application since it's coded using Microsoft Visual Studios and Xamarin.

Utilizing a PaaS/DBaaS model, NeoFlow will host databases in order to store and analyze data. This is done via Azure's MySQL Database Server. When the data is stored in this manner, it allows small-scale businesses to be able to run a linear regression analysis and other machine learning applications. These analytic abilities will be available to businesses who are subscribed to the NeoFlow package. Although it's still under development, Cloud Connections has the job of providing different layers of analysis, ranging from reporting news all the way to deploying machine learning algorithms to predict sales trends, with the hope of soon implementing artificial intelligence algorithms to bring large-scale analytics to the small business world.


In using a scalable cloud platform, NeoFlow is able to cater to the data needs of any business with any magnitude of data available. With a harmonization between the app and the cloud, payment data is available for use any time and anywhere by both the business and the consumer alike. With a scaleable platform, full ML/AI analytic capability, and universal access, the NeoFlow cloud platform on Azure changes the landscape of how the world will interact with and utilize receipts.

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