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Neodyne. Named after Neodymium, the rare-earth magnet, Neodyne was intended to help spread the influence of STEAM and business and combine the two different fields, allowing anyone to take an interdisciplinary approach to management and technology.


In the fall of 2016, Advaith Nair and Sreetej Kalapatapu founded a business incubator known as the Neodyne Business Initiative, focused around fostering entrepreneurship in high schoolers.  The Neodyne founders met together in the observation that STEM and business rarely ever harmonized together. In light of this, Neodyne was created.


So far, Neodyne has helped several clients with entrepreneurship. This allowed Advaith and Sreetej to truly extend their passion for technology and entrepreneurship with the world and take an interdisciplinary approach to learning and creating for themselves and like-minded individuals.













the team


Advaith Nair

Advaith Nair is a rising freshman at Lehigh University studying CS and Business. His favorite hobbies include robotics, programming, and public speaking. Advaith has competed in the FIRST Robotics program since 2009 and was a member of two-time world champion FTC team Hot Wired. Currently, Advaith is captain of FTC robotics team Overcharged, who was the 3rd ranked alliance captain team in the world in 2018. On his downtime, Advaith programs in C#, C++, Python, Java, and more. Furthermore, he has experience in entrepreneurship as he and Sreetej created a company that placed 6th in the world at DECA Internationals. He also attended the Tournament of Champions in Extemporaneous Speaking. Advaith helped found Neodyne because of his interest in tying in business-based innovation with modern technological concepts.

Sreetej Kalapatapu

Sreetej believes that the harmonization of technology and business functions will greatly impact the world in environmental and social respects. He works as a catalyst of change in those regards. His passion and skills in the world of finance, entrepreneurship, and technology are expressed in my two main ventures in the space. NeoFlow LLC Co-Founder, and Neodyne Business Initiative Founder. He co-founded NeoFlow, a finance-technology company, to revolutionize the way consumers use and interact with receipts to decrease toxic BPA output and increase positive environmental interaction of consumer. A culmination of his passions drew him to do more for his community. He founded Neodyne to extend my passion for all these fields and foster entrepreneurship in high school for students all over the nation. It is a great honor to have helped thriving young entrepreneurs all over the nation. Moreover, Sreetej has real-world work experience with an internship at Jensen Investment Management where he worked as an Intern. He is also a self-taught investor with his own social impact investment team, ValueVest, and has over 20% returns YTD in 2019. 

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