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Although our origins are from a competition, we've always kept the same mission statement:


"A New Flow Of Receipts On The Cloud To Go"


Many wonder what this means. Our #1 goal is to digitize receipts. We recognize that there's a massive problem with the thermal paper used in traditional paper receipts. Our solution utilizes the cloud, specifically Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing, to make this possible. Finally, due to the portability of your phone and the convenence of NeoFlow, you can access everything in the palm of your hand. It really is a new flow of receipts on the cloud to go.



Advaith Nair, Co-Founder

  • Advaith's LinkedIn

Advaith Nair is a Co-Founder of NeoFlow LLC. His technological roots stem from his FTC Robotics team, where his six years of experience promoted him to lead a world-class team named Overcharged. Using his management skills as captain and innovation skills as the engineering lead, he created the original blueprints for the idea of the Consumer Application method to digitize receipts utilizing the cloud. His business skills interweaved with his technological skills to provide for a customer-suitable and economical app, which is soon to be released on the iOS app store.


Sreetej Kalapatapu, Co-Founder

  • Sreetej's LinkedIn

Sreetej Kalapatapu is the principal Co-Founder of NeoFlow LLC. He finds that the harmonization of technology and business functions will greatly impact the world in environmental and social respects. His passion and skills in the world of finance and technology let him to co-found NeoFlow to revolutionize the way consumers use and interact with receipts to decrease toxic BPA output and increase positive environmental interactions of consumers. Sreetej pioneered the analytics platform for business use. This changed the way NeoFlow stood in the marketplace. Currently, Sreetej is working with a Tech VC to finish securing series A funding!

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